Mom Awakening Rest & Healing Journey: Transform Your Life

Empower Your Journey from Exhaustion to Well-being

Introducing the Mom Awakening Rest & Healing Journey Program, a transformative experience designed specifically for moms in Calgary. This 2-month program is a sanctuary for mothers feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and stressed. As a mom, you often juggle multiple roles, leading to an ‘exhaustion gap.’ Our program is here to bridge that gap, offering you tools and support to find balance, inner strength, and empowerment in every aspect of your life.

Statistics reveal that 40% of women rarely have time for themselves, spending most of their week attending to others. This program is your chance to prioritize self-care and rediscover your energy and purpose. You’ll learn to navigate daily challenges with ease, connect with your body, and find fulfillment in motherhood and beyond.

Benefit of the program

The Mom Awakening Rest & Healing Journey Program offered by Unwind Bliss is a 2-month holistic wellness program designed to help mothers find balance and inner strength. It includes personalized coaching, Yoga Nidra sessions, meditation, journaling, and Reiki. Participants also join a supportive community, gaining access to live classes and other resources aimed at reducing stress and enhancing well-being. The program aims to empower mothers to reclaim their lives and achieve a state of overall health and happiness.

One-time investment of

Option for a 20% discount on full payment or two installments.