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Hello, I’m Sandra, the soul behind Unwind Bliss Rest & Healing Sanctuary. My story is not just about overcoming challenges, but about transforming them into sources of strength. As a once burned-out mom of three, I’ve navigated the tightrope of motherhood, career, and self-care. Juggling these roles led me to a breaking point, but also to a profound realization – the power of holistic healing and self-compassion.

My journey into yoga and meditation began as a quest to reclaim my health and sanity.

It soon transformed into a deeper exploration of the healing arts. With a background in communication science and early childhood education, I combined my academic knowledge with holistic practices.Training under renowned mentors in Uplifted™ Yoga, Kundalini University, and Daring to Rest Academy, I harnessed the wisdom of ancient teachings and modern science.