Unwind + Evolve & Reclaim your Power Community (virtual) for moms (this membership is available to everyone who is seeking support, it is also part of the 6 week embodied life coaching program I offer for moms, and those who sign up for the program will get access to the membership for 6 months, after the 6 months pass, they can either stay in the community and pay a monthly fee or annual fee or they can leave the community (also if they decide to keep on going with the membership they will get a special offer rate only valid for them which is $25 which will always stay the same even though down the road if I might increase the prices, they will get this founding rate – this will be all part of the sales page that I need to create for this offer though)

People who only join the membership will join for $29 which will be also a logged in rate for those who will stay with me, so if prices will increase due to more offers and classes they will still pay the same