• To create a safe space and community for you to practice and to find support
  • To help you fill your cup and embark on a transformational journey from exhaustion to well-being
  • To help you give yourself the permission to slow down and pause
  • To help you ‘better parent yourself’, understanding what it is you need
  • To help you to come back home to your body, heart and spirit
  • To remind you of your voice and empower you, understanding that self-care is an essential part of being a mom
  • To remind you that you are enough and that you have choices
  • To help you heal, find yourself and reclaim your life
  • To help you turn chaos into calm
  • To offer you anchoring resources helping you to navigate daily challenges with greater ease and show up as a better mom
  • To remind you that rest is your birthright and that you can become your own healer
  • To encourage you to honor your body and lead from your heart


My Story

I’m Sandra, the owner of Unwind Bliss Rest & Healing Sanctuary, where I have combined my profound love for nature, yoga philosophy, and my interest in the lunar cycle to offer a holistic approach to self-care and self-healing. As a certified Yoga Teacher and Dharma Coach, Daring to Rest Yoga Nidra Facilitator and Reiki Practitioner, I made it my mission to empower exhausted and busy moms to prioritize self-care in their demanding, time-crunched schedules. My passion lies in helping moms to refill their cup and embarking on a transformational journey from exhaustion to well-being, so that they can reclaim their lives, turn chaos into calm, and navigate daily challenges with greater ease. This transformation enables them to show up as the moms they want to be, living a full-filled life of purpose.

With a background in communication science, early childhood education, and my RYT 500, my journey in self-discovery and healing led me to study with inspiring mentors. I trained under Brett Larkin and Guru Singh at Uplifted ™ Yoga and Kundalini University, as well as with Karen Brody, the founder of the Daring to Rest Academy and Sahara Rose, Dr. Neeta Bhushan and Ajit Nawalkha, founders of Dharma Coaching Institute.

As a recovering burned out mom of 3 young children I understand the demands that mothers face in today’s hustle culture. Being a mom is both rewarding and challenging. Often moms lack the support system they need and end up trying to be the supermom, attempting to do it all on their own. The never-ending to-do lists, constant rushing, and giving from an empty cup, coupled with societal pressures, create stress, overwhelm, exhaustion and eventually lead to burnout, causing emotional, physical and mental imbalances.

I have experienced firsthand how the endless giving without refilling from an empty tank created chaos and distress in my life. It affected my well-being to the point where I was constantly on high alert, unable to function and show up for my loved ones the way I desired, feeling completely lost, and not cut out to be a good enough mother.

I turned to the science of yoga, using the chakras as a map through the body to guide me through the process of self-healing and recovery. Especially Kundalini Yoga and Yoga Nidra have been influential in my healing journey, helping me to gain self-awareness about my default programming. It enabled me to reconnect with my body and heart, to look within and understand how I react under pressure and stress, how I feel and what I need in any given moment.  I have been using Yoga ever since as my daily anchor to better parent and nourish myself in the present moment and to manage childhood trauma and anxiety, ultimately transforming my life. It is a powerful tool that allows us to connect with ourselves and the world around us.

I firmly believe in the old scripture saying, “If your cup is not overflowing, then you are not giving; you are stealing from yourself.” And it’s this belief that fuels my passion to share the powerful medicine of rest and ancient yogic teachings, combined with other mindful resources with exhausted moms, and to guide them towards more calm, balance, ease, joy and well-being. It is my purpose to remind them of their power, to help them slow down and tune in, so  they can become aware of what’s really going on and are able to take better care of themselves, to discover deep rest as their birthright, and the breath as the key to live a better life.

I’m a Cancer Sun, Leo Rising, and Moon in Aries with a cheerful, warm and nurturing personality. I am very compassionate and empathetic towards others and have the ability to hold space for the people around me. I consider myself a Freedom Practitioner and lifelong student with the love for learning and the devotion to guide and empower moms and children to become their own healer on their journey towards well-being, guided by their own wisdom and heart. 

I offer a variety of services to meet your unique needs. I facilitate Yoga Nidra Rest Circles with a focus on deep rest, relaxation, rejuvenation. I teach guided and kundalini inspired meditation, mudra, journaling, yin, restorative, hatha classes. Kundalini Yoga Krya and breathwork practices. In addition I offer a 1:1 Mom Awakening/Awareness Coaching Program, 1:1 Rest Sessions, Reiki Sessions, private yoga, workshops and retreats. I enjoy teaching kids how to connect with their physical body and how to cope with their emotions, using the science of yoga. 

All my classes are beginner-friendly and fun with an empowering approach and a focus on slowing down and nurturing yourself in the present moment to become your own healer. I draw from my personal experience to encourage other moms to prioritize self-care and their own needs


  • Yoga Nidra Rest Circles: Experience deep relaxation and rejuvenation through Yoga Nidra
  • Yoga Classes: Choose from a variety of classes such as yin, restorative, hatha and kundalini classes
  • Meditation, Mudra and Journaling: Learn mindfulness techniques to enhance your well-being
  • 1: 1 Coaching Program – Worn out Mom Awakening Rest & Healing Journey: Personalized guidance to help you turn chaos into calm, reclaim your life, restore balance, find inner peace, live a life of purpose showing up as the best mom. You have the choice to be the kind of mother you want to be.
  • 1:1 Rest Sessions: Experience a yoga nidra meditation, short rest practices and a space to reflect
  • 1:1 Reiki Sessions: Experience energy healing for physical and emotional well-being
  • Privat Yoga Classes: Personalized yoga sessions tailored to your specific goals and needs
  • Retreats: Transformative retreats that nurture your body, mind, spirit and heart
  • Workshops: experience meaningful resources and tools on how to better nurture yourself and give from an overfilling cup

Kundalini Classes – elevate your inner awareness and Self-understanding:

Kundalini Yoga is not just a practice. It’s an art and an science that empowers you to dive deep into your inner world, elevating your level of awareness and self-understanding. This transformative practice acts as a powerful catalyst for healing, raising, circulating, and redistributing energy within your body, offering profound healing on various levels.  

In the realm of Kundalini Yoga, you’ll discover a unique blend of breath, movement, mantra, and mudra – a combination that’s both scientific and artistic. The practice is intentionally designed to challenge you, to push you beyond your comfort zones – physically, mentally, and energetically.

Kundalini Yoga is particularly relevant for today’s householders, especially moms who face the relentless demands of daily life. It equips you with the essential tools to respond to stress in al healthy way, to navigate the chaos that surrounds us, and to expand your Nervous System Capacity. With this practice, you learn not to react to incessant stream of thoughts in your monkey mind. This makes it an potent practice for today’s householders and therefore all the moms as it  equips us with the tools to healthy respond to stress, manage chaos around us, and increase our Nervous system capacity, by not reacting to the constant stream of thoughts in our monkey mind. You always have the choice: to push through or step back. Do what you can do, bless yourself, and take pride in your efforts.

Kundalini Yoga is a powerful and transformative practice that empowers you to navigate the challenges of daily life with grace and resilience and to live a fulfilling life of purpose.

Yin + Meditation/Yoga Nidra:

Yin Yoga is the feminine side of Yoga and invites surrender, allowing and nourishment. With the support of props, you will explore longer holds and deeper breaths, working with the connective tissue. The essence of Yin is in finding your edge and deciding how to navigate it once you arrive there, to get comfortable in the uncomfortable. We end the practice with a Mudra Meditation. Mudras are hand gestures that connect the brain and body, soothing pain, shifting mood, and directing energy and intention.

Hatha + Mudra Meditation:

Hatha Yoga is a common umbrella term for many of the most common forms of yoga in the west.  It is designed to balance the physical body, soothe the nervous system, and prepare us for meditation. We move our body into different poses to challenge our strength and flexibility. We end the practice with a Mudra Meditation. Mudras are hand gestures that connect the brain and body, soothing pain, shifting mood, and directing energy and intention.

Yoga Nidra Rest Circles - based on the Daring to Rest Method:


What is Yoga Nidra? - The Yogic Sleep with Awareness

Yoga Nidra, also known as the yogic sleep with awareness, is a\a conscious relaxation and meditation practice that guides you into a profoundly relaxed sleep state while maintaining consciousness. It’s often said in the Yogi World that just 45 minutes of Yoga Nidra can yield the same benefits as e hours of regular sleep. The experience is deeply nourishing, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. It serves as a pathway to relaxation, rejuvenation and self-discovery, ultimately enhancing your overall health and well-being

Surrender and Rest: In Yoga Nidra is nothing for you to do. All it requires is willingness to surrender and rest.

Dare to Rest and awaken to Freedom and presence

Deep rest provides us with a sense of freedom and presence in a world that often feels uncertain and ever changing. Many studies have shown that Yoga Nidra can help ma nage symptoms of insomnia, depression, anxiety and more. The Daring to Rest Yoga nidra method is a revolutionary approach that provides deep rest as a means of finding your power within and to be fully present. This method is specifically designed for individuals who identify as women and fuses techniques like guided meditation and self-discovery to help women return to their inner knowing and reclaim their power through deep rest. In today’s hustle culture rest is often perceived as lazy and unproductive. With Daring to Rest you give yourself permission to lie down and wake up to more wisdom and well-being. Beyond its therapeutic benefits, yoga nidra allows us to befriend our pain and suffering, and it reminds us of who we truly are. 

The 3 phase Daring to Rest method offers you a journey of deep rest, teaching you how to meet yourself lovingly and unconditionally, so you can rise up rooted and manage life’s everyday challenges with more ease.

Experience the transformative power of deep rest and the freedom it brings. It’s an invitation to be fully present in your life, to heal, and to embrace a sense of well-being that can often feel elusive in our busy world.

Rest: In this phase, you’ll address physical exhaustion and work towards feeling safe in your body again.

Release: The release phase involves addressing mental and emotional exhaustion, providing you with tools to find relief.

Rise: In this phase, you’ll meet life purpose exhaustion and learn to take embodied action, allowing you to navigate life’s challenges with more confidence.

Full Moon and New Moon Rest Circles

The Rest Circle is a unique offering that combines the transformative power of yoga nidra with a variety of elements, creating a holistic and enriching experience. Rest circles will be facilitated during the new and full moon. We will link breath and movement, and use elements like seasonal poetry, reiki, quiet self-reflection in the form of journaling, and community. The Rest circles are designed to help you harness the transformative energy of the new and full moons and provide a nurturing space for self-refection and community. It is a safe place where you can come together with like-minded individuals to find deep rest and nourishment, connect with your inner self, and be part of a supportive community.

1:1 Reiki Sessions – Discover the healing power of Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese healing method that translated to “Life force energy”. It’s a natural and safe approach to healing that promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual health and well-being. The beauty of Reiki is that its benefits extend to all living beings, including humans, plants and animals. Besides many other benefits Reiki promotes deep relaxation, reduces stress, anxiety and insomnia. It helps to focus and clear the mind, fosters feelings of calm, peace and harmony and balances the Chakras within the body.

A Reiki Session are available online via zoom or in person, both from the convenience of your home.

  • Discussion and intentions: We will discuss what to expect before the session begins and spend aa few minutes discussing your intentions for the session.
  • Distance Healing: During both personal and distance healing, powerful symbols are used while you preferably lie down and relax.
  • Post Session Conversation: After the Reiki Session, we will have a conversation to share what was felt and experienced during the session.

1:1 Coaching Program (6 sessions a’ 60-75 min) Mom Awakening Rest & Healing Journey Are you ready to embrace well-being and balance?

In the fast-paced world of motherhood, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and feel drained. The Mom Awakening Rest & Healing Journey Coaching program is your invitation to embark on aa transformative journey toward greater well-being, calm and balance.


Your personalized well-being experience:

This program offers you a personalized experience that’s designed to support you in your quest for a more rested, fulfilling, and balanced life despite the time-crunched schedule of a mom and householder. It’s time to take a step back from the hectic demands of daily life to nurture your body, mind and spirit. 


  • 6 Transformational sessions (60-75 min each): Join us via zoom from the comfort of your own home. Over the course of 6 sessions, we will work together to help you shift from overwhelm, stress, and exhaustion to living a more balanced, rested, and fulfilled life. This transformation will enable you to navigate daily challenges with greater ease, allowin you to become the mom you aspire to be.


  • A Medicine Basket filled with Holistic Resources: As part of this program you will experience holistic resources and tools, rooted in the science of yoga, helping you to create a daily personal practice that aligns with your time-crunched schedule. Together, we will explore how to gain greater self-awareness, helping you to explore how you feel and what you need in any given moment.


  • Chakra Exploration: We will use the chakras as profound map through your inner landscape to help you reconnect with your body and heart. These energy centers offer valuable insights into your well-being and serve as a guide on your healing journey.


  • Restored Balance: Through our program you’ll find restored balance in your life, even if your schedule is packed to the brim. You’ll learn how to navigate daily challenges with grace, showing up as a better mom, parent, partner and friend.


  • Personalized Support: Our coaching program is tailored to you unique needs and goals. Together, we’ll uncover the path to well-being that works best for you, considering the challenges in your busy life.


  • Self-care and Empowerment: This journey will empower you with self-care practices and holistic tools that fit within your time-crunched schedule. You’ll learn how to create a daily personal practice that allows you to fill your cup and give from an overflowing heart.
  • Reconnect with Yourself: We will explore self-awareness, helping you understand how you feel and what you need in any given moment. The chakras will serve as a profound map through your inner landscape, guiding you to reconnect with your body and heart.


  • Deep Rest, the Science of yoga and Transformation: Deep rest practices, combined with movement through Yoga and Kundalini Kryas, breathwork, sound, guided and Kundalini inspired meditations, will release stagnant energy and address exhaustion on physical, mental, emotional, and life purpose levels and lead you to more wisdom and well-being. You’ll experience the transformative power of deep rest and the freedom it brings. It’s an invitation to be fully present in your life, to heal, and to embrace a sense of herewell-being that can often feel elusive in our busy world


These transformative practices as well as powerful questions, journaling, and self-reflection will enable you to reclaim your life and discover your life’s purpose beyond motherhood.

  • Transformation Awaits: At the end of the Program, you will emerge feeling more rested, balanced, fulfilled, and empowered. This transformation will enable you to become your own kind of leader and healer, turning chaos into calm, navigate life’s challenges with ease, and live a more meaningful and purposeful life.


Are you ready to embrace the journey towards greater well-being and balance, even with your busy schedule? Join us on this transformative path to awaken the rested, fully aware and empowered mom within you.

  • Begin your Journey of awakening and book a free 15-30 minutes discovery call here. Let’s connect and discuss your needs and goals in a brief discovery call. This call is a stepping stone to our journey together.

Mom Awakening Rest & Healing Journey Program

Empower Your Journey from Exhaustion to Well-being

Are you a mom feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and stressed? Motherhood is a beautiful journey, but it comes with its unique set of challenges. That’s why I’m excited to introduce you to something truly special: a safe and supported sacred circle dedicated to helping moms like you find balance, inner strength, and empowerment in every aspect of your life.

Moms are beyond tired and often find themselves facing an “exhaustion gap.” The World Health Organization has recognized the impact of burnout, and as women, we often put ourselves last, overinvesting in others. Women are more susceptible to exhaustion as they shoulder a significant portion of the mental load of family life and have limited choices regarding how they spend their time.

In today’s fast-paced society, moms are pulled in numerous directions simultaneously. They are expected to raise children as if they have no work and work as if they have no children. It’s a balancing act that can be physically and emotionally overwhelming. A study exploring the exhaustion gap reveals that 40% of women rarely have the chance to do something for themselves. This is because they spend 60% of the week attending to the needs of others, from managing household responsibilities to caring for their partners and children.

It’s clear that we, as moms, haven’t learned to give ourselves permission to take a break from the demands that wear us out. We need a way to temporarily unplug from the daily stressors in our lives and recharge our batteries with something that truly fills us.

This 2 months Mom Awakening Rest & Healing Journey Program for Empowered Motherhood is designed to bridge this exhaustion gap and empower moms to find balance, inner strength, and well-being. It’s an opportunity to prioritize self-care, create a fulfilling life, and regain the energy and purpose that may have been lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. During our time together you will gain valuable tools to turn chaos into calm and joy, embark on a journey from exhaustion to well-being, and reclaim your life. Here’s what you can expect from this program:

  • Create the Life You Want: Equip yourself with the tools to create the life you desire.
  • Navigate Daily Challenges with Ease: Learn to navigate daily challenges with greater ease.
  • Feel More Balanced and at Peace: Achieve a sense of balance and inner peace.
  • Connect with Your Body: Reconnect with your body and listen to its needs.
  • Follow Your Heart: Discover the path to following your heart and creating the life you desire.
  • Live a Fulfilling Life of Purpose: Find your life’s purpose and live it fully.
  • Show Up as a Better Mom, Partner, and Friend: Strengthen your ability to show up as the best version of yourself in various roles.
  • Renew Your Energy: Replenish your energy, fill your cup, and restore your mind.
  • Reclaim Your Power: Reclaim your inner power and feel empowered in your journey.

This Mom Awakening Program is designed to empower you to transform your life and embrace well-being, balance, and inner strength.

Here is what you can add for this offer as an opt in:

Special One-Time Bonus: Rest & Healing Sanctuary Community for Empowered Mothers

As a special one-time bonus, we invite you to become a member of the Rest & Healing Sanctuary Community for Empowered Motherhood during your journey. In this community, we will co-create a safe sisterhood together and provide you with exclusive content and resources designed to empower you on your path to well-being.

What You’ll Get:

  • Access to Yoga Live Classes: Join live yoga classes to nourish your body and soul.
  • Yoga Nidra Rest Circles: Experience the profound relaxation of Yoga Nidra in our rest circles.
  • Recorded Classes: Enjoy access to a library of recorded classes that you can revisit at your convenience.
  • Myofascial Release and Embodied Somatic Practices: Learn techniques to release tension and enhance body awareness.
  • Journaling, Breathwork, and Meditation: Discover the power of journaling, breathwork, and meditation in your self-care journey.

A Supportive and Safe Community:

Our community places a strong emphasis on connection and consistency in your journey to well-being. You’ll find a supportive and safe space to share, learn, and grow together with like-minded individuals.

Lifelong Access for $21:

And here’s the best part – if you decide to stay in the sisterhood after the initial 6 months and deepen your journey, you will have the opportunity to enjoy lifelong access to our community for an incredibly low investment of only $21.

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to transform your life and the lives of others with our Mom Awakening Program. For a limited time, you can enroll for an one-time investment of $672. Pay in full and receive a 20% discount, or choose the convenient option of paying in two installments.

Rest & Healing Sanctuary Community for Empowered Motherhood:

What our membership offers:

A loving supportive community: Our membership offers a beautiful, loving and safe community where members support each other on their journey towards well-being. Unwind Bliss Rest & Healing Sanctuary is a space where consistency is valued. Here you have the opportunity to slow your rhythm down, taking a step back from the hustle and bustle of society. It’s a place where you can cultivated self-awareness, so you can focus on how to better take care of yourself.

Nourishment and self-care: Your practice is a source of nourishment, It enables you to give an overflowing cup rather than running on an empty tank that leaves you feeling depleted and resentful.

Recorded content for your convenience: Our membership merges recorded content, giving you the flexibility to choose what you need most in any given moment. You can revisit your favorite practices and classes at your own pace, allowing you to immerse yourself in self-care when it suits you

Live Classes, rest circles and workshops for support and accountability: For those seeking extra support and accountability, our membership includes live classes, rest circles and workshops. This is where the magic unfolds. You will learn how to reconnect with your body, heart and spirit, discovering what you need in each moment. This newfound inner awareness will empower you to show up as a better mom, parent, partner and friend. And you will navigate life’s challenges with greater ease, embracing a more fulfilled and balanced life.

Join our membership and experience the transformative power of community, self-awareness, and self-care.